Was four part harmony really sung in barber shops?2020-01-08T09:34:43-05:00

Yes. In the 1800’s when life moved at a slower pace and the town men would gather at the main street barber shop to talk about the baseball game and socialize, they would often join in song in the four part harmony that we call barbershop harmony today. Amazing.

Do I have to be an accomplished singer to sing barbershop?2020-01-08T09:59:20-05:00

No, Barbershop music is written for the average voice. When you put a lead (melody), a baritone, a bass and a tenor voice together, the chords that are formed make a wonderful harmony that we call barbershop harmony.

What awaits me when I first attend a rehearsal?2020-01-08T09:33:17-05:00

An enthusiastic welcome, for sure. You’ll be initially placed in a section (tenors, leads, basses, baritones) comfortable to your voice range and given a guest book with current repertoire. If you are a tad shy and just wish to listen and simply observe for a while, that’s ok, too.  

Do I have to read music to join The Dukes of Harmony chorus?2020-01-08T09:58:49-05:00

Reading music is always helpful, but it’s not a necessity. You will have those around you and section leaders to help, “learning tapes” and CD are tools to learn music, and the talents of our music director in a rehearsal that will include vocal warm-ups and practice of current (and past) songs. Our four-part harmony songs range from old favourites to arrangements of more current melodies done in the barbershop style.

Do I have to audition?2020-01-08T09:42:28-05:00

Not to worry. It would be nice if you could stay in tune. And you’ll know if this kind of singing is suitable for you. We’ll help you all along the way, making sure you understand what our expectations are.

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