‘Sharp Harmony’ by Norman Rockwell, 1936


The Dukes of Harmony is one of the GTA’s longest-existing barbershop choruses. Started in 1954, the Dukes have had a proud tradition of excellence in competing at the Ontario and international level as well as providing some of the best shows around. The Dukes have a rich history including two international gold medals (Canada’s first!). The Chorus performs publicly throughout the year, usually in the evenings or on weekends. Engagements include barbershop shows, commercial bookings and community events.

The Dukes in Competition

We are committed to excellence!

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

We are an a cappella chorus dedicated to performing in the exquisite  4-part barbershop harmony style.

We are dedicated to pursuing musical excellence in barbershop singing but, equally importantly, we offer an open and friendly environment for any and all singers.  Join us!

Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to spread the good word about Barbershop Singing and to perform for our public with ever increasing excellence in, and commitment to, this magnificent  and traditional art form.

We are an a cappella singing men’s chorus dedicated to supporting our singing community and our general community, all the while pursuing excellence in barbershop harmony singing. 


Our Motto

Good Friendship, Good Harmony, Good Cheer!

Here’s an amazing snippet of Duke history…Harmony Gold!
The Dukes perform at Roy Thomson Hall in 1983!


Singing has made me happier…
and a better husband and father.
Singing has changed my life.

Since 1954 The Dukes of Harmony Barbershop Society has worked to ensure that more people have the opportunity to experience the joy of singing. Join us as we work with community leaders, music educators, and people of all ages to live better lives through song.

We always welcome new singers. If you’d like to visit one of our rehearsals, either just as a guest or as a prospective member, we’d love to see you! Please CLICK HERE to see our MeetUp page and join or CLICK HERE to e-mail us about joining.

You are invited to be a part of something big.

We invite you to join a network of tens of thousands of North American and worldwide singers who not only sing for their own happiness, but who live to share that joy with others, including you!

We’re working in our community to transform lives through song. We view anyone who promotes singing as a friend and co-traveler on our mission — no matter what type of music they want to sing.


Leave your sweetheart speechless

Imagine from out of the blue, four serenaders bearing flowers appear at your sweetheart’s home or work place, saying: “Suzanne, Raymond has something special he’d like to tell you…” … and out pours a sweet, tender love song in gentle close harmony. Our Barbershop Quartets are ready to provide a Valentine’s Day gift that will be remembered forever.  Click here to find out more.

Mitch Wedgewood
Music Director

Mitch is a proud graduate of the Randolph College triple threat program and also holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Instrumental Music and Music Education from Brandon University, Brandon, MB.

Mitch has been establishing himself as an arts educator in the GTA for the past 6 years, working for the Flato Markham Theatre, Sistema Toronto, StageDoor Theatre School, CATS Toronto, ExploreIt, and has also acted as the casting director for a local theatre company, Marion Abbott Productions (MAP).

Mitch recently returned to Canada after spending a year teaching theatre and music at the Stardust Academy in Amman, Jordan. He could not be more excited to join the Dukes and cut his Barbershop teeth with such a fine group of gents! (and we’re excited to have you, Mitch!)